antipodes café series


antipodes café warmly opened its discrete house, as it does on every day basis, but this time sharing its favourite passageways with all Sunday people.
“Wanderings that express not subordination to randomness but total insubordination to habitual influences (tourism).”*

April 28th.
09:00 Oslo S, Platform #43
09:15… Passageways
10:00 æStue / æStudio
12:00… Passageways
13:00 æBod
15:00… Passageways
16:00 æStue / æStudio
18:00 æStue

æStue Rostockgata 99, 0194, Oslo
æStudio Grev Wedels plass 1b, 0151, Oslo
æBod Åkebergveien 1B, 0190, Oslo