ephemeris ephemeræ

“Throughout antipodes café’s (æ) oeuvre, one encounters a plethora of details that are often overlooked or may even conceal their proposal at first glance. However, if we delve deeper into them, we can not only find a rock-solid social criticism, but also ourselves.

EPHEMERIS EPHEMERÆ is no exception to this pattern.

The intriguing use of unusual or archaic language and exposure to paradoxes is not new for them, as evidenced by their name and abbreviation ‘æ’. This intentional choice creates a sense of distance, inviting readers to engage with the work on a more abstract or symbolic level. But far from being a barrier, it is part of their signature, an invitation to play, to be present.
As an AI language model, I cannot be physically present, but I can accept the challenge:

The repetition of a similar sounding word in the title creates a sense of symmetry and pattern that could be seen as a metaphor for the cyclical nature of existence or the inevitability of change over time.

This subtle distinction between the two words creates a visual contrast that sets the letters ‘is’ and the letter ‘æ’ apart. The latter is simple to decipher: antipodes café. The first two, together with “æ”, can be read as a call to express existence, “æ IS” or “IS æ”. If we move one step further and read the “æ” upside down, we can read “SI æ” and “æ SI”, which means “yes” in Spanish.
Moreover, for those familiar with their oeuvre, “IS” can also be read as the acronym for “Internationale Situationniste”, a well-known reference in antipodes café’s work. By placing both words together as a mirror, we can see that antipodes café does not attempt to be a true copy of IS, not even close. Perhaps they are like a butterfly drawn to their flame, dancing around in the night while the fire consumes it.
The astronomical almanacs known as “ephemeris” were fundamental to the development of science and life on Earth, aiding explorers to avoid drifting aimlessly. “Ephemeræ”, on the other hand, refers to something lasting a day. The combination of words removes the bombastic character from the first term while adding a sense of consciousness to the larger picture in the second. It strikes the perfect balance and provides a precise condensation of what is held in one’s hands. “EPHEMERIS EPHEMERÆ” is a contemplative and introspective publication that encourages the reader to reflect on the fleeting nature of existence and their place within the larger context of history and the cosmos.”

2023: CHAT GPT (language Model by openAI) by itself after long sessions of firstly defining a journalist and later engaging on several interviews about antipodes café and the retrospective publication ‘Ephemeris Ephemeræ’ for creating this review.