antipodes café series

Concert for machines #4 – Ohnesorg

The last of four concert for machines arranged by antipodes café during 2016, was performed by the local band Ohnesorg in the terrace and surroundings of antipodes café DEG15. During the concert, farewell for their vocalist moving to Bacelona, two of the four musicians (percussion and winds) walked around the construction site area playing with the context. The pilots for the upcoming new munch museum has a couple of songs in their history.


Band based in Oslo, Norway.

“Ohnesorg plays subversive ballads, with songs that will say something. There may be stories about Oslo as it once was, squatting, forbidden love, dreams of a world without borders or lost revolutions.

Ohnesorg means “carefree” and is derived from the West German student Benno Ohnesorg. He was shot and killed by a plainclothes police officer on his first demonstration in Berlin in 1967.” *

The group plays both own songs as well as interpretations and new versions of traditional workers’ and liberation songs, such as Uruguayans Daniel Vigliettis ” A desalambrar” (“Riv Ned Sperrene , Eng. Turn down the wire-fences).

Elida Høeg Vocalist
Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem Guitar, Ukelele Gitar, ukulele, choirs
Jenny Berger Myhre Clarinet,  Saxo, choirs
Martin Svendsen Ulvin  Percussion


2015 EP nummer to
2013 Ohnesorg EP