antipodes café DEG15

Special edition

The project antipodes café DEG15 finished with the creation of an specific piece. An homonym special edition of our favourite kind of coffee we shared during the whole year at this particular urban intervention. A bag packed with unwritten memories of those thousands encounters. A clear representation of a constant exploration in the binomial reality – fiction.

In collaboration with Solberg & Hansen –official supplier of the project– antipodes café created this product, which in its front present a tag with both brands, name of the urban intervention and brief description of the coffee over a picture of the area of Barcode with the urban intervention right in the middle but almost imperceptible. Under this tag was the signature of “antipodes café” and the number of the copy both handwritten with pencil. 30 signed copies in English, 70 in Norwegian and some signed proofs. In the back of the package was more details about the product (such as date, weight, precedence, etc), as well as a map of the area and information about the name of the project “antipodes café DEG15”.

This product was launched during December 2016 at “antipodes café DEG16” (a temporary store mounted in the building right in front of where the project took place), and was also presented at the beginning of 2017 in the exhibition antipodes café visits Elefante, in Brasilia, Brazil.

To simulate is to feign to have what one hasn’t or to pretend to be what one isn’t: to pretend, to imitate, to disguise, to falsify. To supplant is to take the place of another: to substitute, to displace, to replace, to supplant. The two terms are so close that even Baudrillard uses them indistinctly in his texts, but from here we are going to propose a definitive difference between the two: that the second meaning has no return. In the simulation (of art) the consciousness of deceit is present during all the time that the representation lasts, but when the impersonation (of life) is instituted, the will to substitute is decisive, there is no deceit, only a new version of the facts that replaces and removes the previous one.” LB *