antipodes café series

Concert for machines #1 – Fernando Lagreca

The first of four concert for machines arranged by antipodes café during 2016, was performed by Fernando Lagreca in the terrace of antipodes café DEG15.


Borowiak Photography + antipodes café




“Control” (2014, Irregular records)


Thon hotels Opera
Irregular records


Born in Uruguay.
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Born in Uruguay, and member of the pioneer audio visual collective “Innova” in 1999, 10 years after his beginnings of a prolific independent career in electronic music with the band “Necrollage” which introduced techno music in the country.
Moved to Barcelona in 2002, from where he continues with his production. Composer and electronic alchemist, restless investigator of latest trends, Fernando knows how to delight the audience with his particular melting pot of techniques and styles, where he champions the power of glitches, the evanescence of ambient and the freshness of mini-pop.



2014 Control (Irregular)
2014 Childhood Remixes (Irregular)
2012 Chilhood is All We Have (Irregular)
2011 Hi-Fi Love EP (Irregular)
2010 Cool Hunter (Gintonico production)
2010 10channel EP (Irregular)
2009 Particelle (Provença house)
2006 Colpi di Sole (Autoplate)
2005 Funicular (Realaudio)
2005 Nadador (Autoplate)
2003 Suave (Autoplate)