antipodes café series

Concert for machines #3 – Elli Medeiros

Delicate collage including:

• texts:

  • readings of selected post –and comments– from her profile on social networks,
  • reading of passages from diverse books she was reading at that time.

• background audio:

  • songs from her past in the background
  • audio from a video by her daughter Calypso

• singing (a cappella)

  • “Volver” (1934, Gardel and Le Pera)
  • “Chega de saudade” (1958, Jobim and de Moraes) song she recorded in 1997.


“Hi ! I’m Elli ! Welcome to my “concert for machines” which will (probably) be more of a concert without machines, or a reading thru a machine, or music without instruments, or voices without sound and images instead or, mostly, since we are communicating thru Facebook and social media, turning on the sound on my posts, and I will add my voice.. so I will be reading the day’s posts, and some of the texts and notes I’ve published and also a few pages of the books I wanted to share with you, and I might sing a bit .. if the machines inspire me ! and I will be posting some pictures too, for those who cannot be with us in Oslo ☆”

(Facebook page video)


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1956.
Lives and works in Paris, France.


Elli Medeiros was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her mother, Mirtha Medeiros, decided to become an actress after Elli was born, & when she was admitted into Uruguay’s Escuela National, had to take her along, so Elli attended drama school & classes by Spanish teacher Pepe Struch before kindergarden. Mirtha graduated and quickly became a very busy actress and Elli was regularly hired each time a child was needed in a play or a TV show. Her first part, at age 4, was Mme Butterfly’s son, in the production of Puccini’s opera at the Montevideo Opera. This was Orson Welles’ first role, at the same age. Elli’s father, José Luis Medeiros, vanished from her life when she was five.

Elli attended the Uruguyan American School, and when her mother remarried & moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, she attended the Instituto Bayard, a British school. When she was fourteen, her mother & step father moved to Paris, and she had to learn French in a couple of months so she could attend high school. She tried several schools, including an art schoot, l’Ecole des Arts Appliquées, but dropped out before getting a “baccalauréat” to start her first band, the Stinky Toys, the first French punk band, playing several London punk Festivals along with the Clash & the Sex Pistols.

Elli appeared on the cover of ‘Melody Maker’ & that convinced the until then extremely reluctant French record companies to sign them a deal. After two albums, the Stinky Toys split and Elli and Stinky Toy Jacno then released several albums as the techno pop duo ‘Elli & Jacno’. Their last was Full Moon in Paris (1984), the score to Éric Rohmer’s movie. Elli then went solo, her music becoming more personal, more Latin and had several hits in France, including ‘Toi mon Toit’, mega hit of 1986, now a standard.

After a break, Elli decided to go back to acting & school, & worked with ‘Andreas Voutsinas’, who was Lee Strasberg’s assistant for twenty years and created the Paris “Actor’s Studio”, le Théatre des Cinquante. She also took classes with Madeleine Barchevska and Bob Mc Andrew. (source)



2011 STINKY TOYS the 2nd album RERELEASE
2010 11 STINKY TOYS the 1st album RERELEASE
2009 E M / For you / Soulève-moi remixes SORTIE DIGITALE Katabami dist Believe
2007 E M (Random) Argentina Uruguay Chile
2006 E M (V2) France
1998 Best of Elli (Barclay)
1994 Les Symphonies de poche compilación de Elli & Jacno (Virgin)
1989 Elli (Barclay)
1987 Bom Bom (Barclay)
1987 A bailar Calypso – single ( Barclay)
1986 Toi mon toit – single (Barclay)
1984 Les nuits de la pleine lune B.O. du film “Les nuits de la pleine lune” d’Éric Rohmer (EJC/CBS) Elli & Jacno
1982 Boomerang (Celluloid/EJC/ Vogue) Elli & jacno
1981 Inedits 77-81 (Celluloid/EJC/Vogue) Elli & Jacno
1980 Tout va sauter (Vogue) Elli & Jacno
1979 album jaune (Vogue) Stinky Toys
1977 album gris (Polydor) Stinky Toys


2015 Brisas heladas by Gustavo Postiglione
2014 La collection: Ecrire pour… la trentaine vue par des écrivains
2014 Pure Life by Jeremy Banster
2012 Le fil d’Ariane
2011 Hard Canal+
2011 Hard Canal+
2011 The Island by Kamen Kalev
2009 Moloch Tropical by Raoul Peck
2009 First Impressions by Nigel Bennett
2008 Leonera, by Pablo Trapero
2007 Après lui , by Gaël Morel
2005 Panorama, by Marinca Villanova
2003 Rosa la nuit, by Nicolas Cornut
2002 House Hunting, by Christophe Rodriguez
2002 Lulu, by Jean Henry Roger
2000 Jet Set , by Fabien Onteniente
2000 Paris, mon petit corps est bien las de ce grand monde, by Franssou Prenant
2000 Mamirolle, by Brigitte Coscas
1999 Vénus beauté (institut) , by Tonie Marshall
1999 Pourquoi pas moi ? , by Stéphane Giusti
1999 Derrière la porte , by Marion Laine
1998 Fin août, début septembre , by Olivier Assayas
1998 Il suffirait d un pont , by Solveig Daumartin
1997 Tempête dans un verre d eau , by Arnold Barkus
1991 Paris s éveille , by Olivier Assayas
1991 Petits travaux tranquilles , by Stéphanie de Mareuil
1982 Laissé inachevé à Tokyo, by Olivier Assayas
1980 Rectangle, deux chansons de Jacno , by Olivier Assayas
1979 L’ enfant secret , by Philippe Garrel
1979 Copyright, by Olivier Assayas



1980 Images et paroles, éditions Futuropolis



2007La que le puso alfiler al punk” (Castilian)
1979 Interview (Français)