Let´s cross horizons, words, worlds, coffees.

Kaffe med… is a series of informal conversations with special guests, who are somehow related to antipodes café and/or to the surroundings of the specific project of “antipodes café – series”. Events scarcely promoted in our Facebook page and email Newsletter where guests are introduced just by their name (no last name neither names of organisations or brands they can represent).

We prefer conversations more than lectures, chairs and tables and more than pedestals or lecterns.

Kaffe med… at antipodes café DEG 15

04.01 | Kaffe med… Alberto

Alberto Nanclares da Veiga

1979, Spain

He is an intense Madrilean full of tender and questions, founder and active member of Basurama and teacher in the architecture school of Madrid. He gave several workshops, talks and things alike in diverse places and participated in more than hundred projects developed by Basurama around the globe.

Together with him we did several activities in past years, highlighting a workshop and exhibition in San Sebastian 2013, his participation at antipodes café galleri also in 2013 and a Pingpongo tournament in Madrid 2014.

At antipodes café DEG15 (Oslo 2016) Basurama participated with the exhibition "Dispose", an open workshop "Dispose Deckchairs" and a resulting urban intervention.


05.19 | Kaffe med… Naja

Naja Lee Jensen

1981, Denmark

"Hello, my name is Naja. I’m glad to meet you! I'm the girl walking around with an inflatable boat in the streets. Why? Well, we are going to sail down Akerselva in June - maybe you wanna join? Or know more about something? Let’s share a coffee…"


05.31 | Kaffe med… Mei

Mei Lun Xue

1985, China
Lives in Paris, France

Mei was born in Shanghai and then moved to Texas, where the blazing hot summers caught her eating ice cold plums straight from the refrigerator after afternoons of swim.

She worked as architect in Berlin, Rotterdam and Hong Kong and currently lives in Paris.

This November –as part of the associated program of Oslo Architecture Triennale – she will present an exhibition at antipodes café about a project called 'Global Spaces of Chinese Labor', done in conjunction with her colleague Stephen.

Their project is about immigration and the pressure it incites on domestic and labor spaces, and how these in turn are forced to transform, as the most familiar definitions of 'bed', 'kitchen', or 'garden' crumble with the shifting of global economic currents.

06.07 | Kaffe med… Jens

Jens Ritcher

1977, Germany
Lives in Madrid, Spain

Jens was born in Kassel, Germany in 1977 and is partner of estudio Herreros, the Spanish architecture firm in charge of the construction of the new Munch Museum in Oslo.

Throughout his professional career as an architect and planner, Jens has been working in several internationally renowned practices in Germany, China and Holland, where he has been responsible for the design of a wide range of architectural projects in a myriad of cultural contexts.

He has also been teacher, lecturer and critic at numerous universities and institutions in Europe, North America and China, among which include the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Architecture School of Madrid and his current position as guest professor at Aalto University in Helsinki.


06.08 | Kaffe med… Anja

Anja Kristin Standal

1977, Norway

Anja was born in a village of 5 farms, 15 inhabitants and 150 goats by the fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps. Her biggest urban experience was travelling half an hour over the mountains to the town of Ørsta, to go to the local small-scale shopping street. Now she embrace the urban compact city and live in the densest part of Oslo and Norway (which, to be fair, is not very dense).

Her PhD studies, started last september, aims to give new and expanded insight about public-private interface in compact city development in such a way that knowledge can renew and improve the practice of implementation, including design and governance of physical design. She strongly believes that micro-levels initiatives plays a key role in macro-level performance in urban space.

06.16 | Kaffe med… Amy

Amy Franceschini

1970, USA

I am Amy. I became an artist in San Francisco before it was a techno-futuristic ghetto. Times were slower, rent was cheap and people talked to each on the streets. I now live in Oslo on a boat named Tekla preparing for a year-long, sea-faring adventure— Seed Journey. I am fascinated by time and how we perceive it, measure it and experience it. I am also curious about souls - what is a soul? - how do we define it? - i often make projects using hand-crafted shoes as a way to talk about soul.


06.21 | Kaffe med… Dani

Dani Umpi

1974, Uruguay
Lives in Bs As, Argentina

Hello. I am Dani Umpi and I came from the north of Uruguay. I am an artist that usually work from the frontiers and borders but this time I went quite far. I feel comfortable being foreign and nowadays I flirt with the alien. I am in transit and my artwork is disperse but I'll be focused in each moment, each colour, each word… although I don't think I'll handle to learn Norwegian in so short time. Let's share a coffee!


07.07 | Kaffe med… Ebba

Ebba Moi

1971, Sweden
Lives in Oslo, Norway

Hello I am Ebba. I use dialogue and collaboration as methods for working with art. As an artist I am working within different medias but also with different participants. I am also interested in women´s role in society and on the art scene, in facts of representation and how it effects us. Usually you find me at Maridalsveien 3, where I am running the space Tenthaus Oslo together with two other artists. I also collaborate with other artists in making exhibitions and public art. Come to antipodes cafe to share a coffee and talk about this or something else.


08.05 | Kaffe med… Elli

Elli Medeiros

1956, Uruguay
Lives in Paris, France

I’m Elli … A lot has happened to me during my lifetime, and that turned me into a musician, designer, graphic artist, actor, director and many other things.
I’m coming to Oslo to visit my friends Felipe and Tuva at antipodes café.
I met Felipe in Montevideo, we are both Uruguayans.
I had lived in Paris since I was a teenager.
A few years ago, after a Facebook post became a very interesting and quite agitated debate
I thought it would be a good idea to meet as well, to share and discuss, to go a bit further than sharing and liking
So that was how La sortie du dimanche ( Sunday’s « sortie », outing ) started. I would be at a café across the street from the Mairie de Paris, every Sunday, from 5pm to 7pm
It was a weekly rendez-vous, and anyone could come over and join me, and we could talk about all those things we were posting about on facebook
Sometimes 10 to 15 people showed up, sometimes just a couple, or one person, and it would be à « tête à tête ». I always brought a book with me, in case nobody showed up, which happened only once I think.
Felipe attended during one of his trips to Paris .. maybe it gave him the idea for "Kaffe med…"? who knows … but it’s a good idea.
And an obvious one… aren’t we supposed to meet, talk to each other, inter-act ? Social networks should add possibility, not the opposite. 
So maybe I’ll see you in Oslo 
I’ll bring a book and will be carrying an uruguayan flag, you can’t miss me.  Saludos, Elli"


08.18 | Kaffe med… Martin

Per Martin Lundberg

1979, Sweden
Lives in Oslo, Norway

Martin hails from the region of the sun, Skåne, Sweden. He is an anti-disciplinarian maker and creator of Oslo Fjord Sauna in 2013, a floating sauna made entirely from found materials in the Olso Fjord. Today this sauna is a provocation to the city of Oslo to activate and maintain the fjord and coastline as a lively accessible common.

08.24 | Kaffe med… Søssa & Geir

Søssa Jørgensen and Geir Tore Holm

1968 and 1966, Norway

Søssa and Geir Tore live on the farm Øvre Ringstad in Skiptvet, Østfold.

By initiating Balkong in 1993, using their apartment as exhibition space, they brought up questions about what art can be. The context of artistic practice and work with art as dialogue in practice, has been a central issue.

The home based experiences led to broader activities.

In 2003 they initiated together with the artists Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Rirkrit Tiravanija from Thailand Sørfinnset School/ the nord land in Gildeskål, Nordland, including a continuing focus on exploitation of nature, exchanging of knowledge and small scale architecture.

With Øvre Ringstad as a pivot point the questions now include farming, landscape, food production, animals and plants. Their aim is now a broad aesthetical understanding of ecological realities of society, man and nature.


08.26 | Kaffe med… Grupo de Viaje

Grupo de Viaje


"Grupo de Viaje" is an annual study trip being developed since 1947. It is an optional course but it somehow a milestone in the career of the student making a big transformation in their life. During 8 month they visit diverse places, studios and people from around the world in a trip tutored by teachers who prepare a plan for each year and before that they have to sell tickets for an own lottery for four years, which imply diverse prices including cars, travels and a house my after a competition. This study trip is arranged and managed by the students organization inside the Faculty of Architecture of the Public University of Uruguay. Students participate in diverse assambleys for selecting the academic program, economic definitions and so on. For this year, the generation that began courses in 2009, is traveling under an academic program called "100+1 Trajectories and instants." arranged by a teachers team selected by the student organization.

Of course this trip couldn't be possible without a society behind that buy those special lottery tickets for the aim of supporting students to make a trip around world understanding it as medular in their formation… Incredible isn't it?

Grupo de Viaje 2016

09.14 | Kaffe med… Sofia & Max

Sofia Saavedra & Max Zolkwer

1972 Belgium, Lives in Curaçao.
1972, Argentina

Max and Sofia, both members of the think tank Supersudaca, participants at the OAT2016, will share a coffee with us the day before their lecture at the architecture school.

In their words:
"Supersudaca (a word combination of virtue and insult for Latin immigrants) was founded in Rotterdam in 2001. It is a collective operating worldwide in pressing themes of urban research, architecture practice and contemporary culture with branches in Buenos Aires, Lima, Curacao, Brussels, Santiago, Montevideo and Rotterdam. Supersudaca addresses subjects such as Mass Tourism in the Caribbean, China's emerging global presence, Latin American social housing experiments and direct spatial interventions amongst others. They have been recognized with the best entry award at the International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam and were network partners of The Prince Claus Fund."

Sofia was born in Louvain in 1972 and graduated as an architectural civil engineer from the University of Ghent, Belgium in 1995 and earned a Master’s degree from the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam in 1997. She worked as an urban designer and concept developer on several architectural and urban projects in the Netherlands and France (1998-2005). She was a founding member and chair of Docomomo Curaçao.
Sofia currently runs www.casarchitects.org and is is a founding member of Supersudaca. She published the book "Urbanism and Architecture in Chiquitos. Pragmatic translation of European Principles to the Jesuit missions in Latin America." (Santillana 2000) and is currently undertaking a PhD on the subject of the resilient Caribbean cruise destination. Her research focuses mainly on notions of sustainable development from an integrative development perspective/ (urban) resilience.

Max was born in Argentina in 1972 and graduated in 2000 from FADU UBA. While living in Rotterdam from 2000 to 2004 worked at BAR & MVRDV architecture offices. In 2004 comes back to Buenos Aires and opens Pop-Arq, a local branch from the Supersudaca international collective, from who he´s founding member. Since 2009 Pop-Arq is located at Galpón Estudio; a big warehouse that hosts design oriented professionals and artists. Pop-Arq develops projects in all scales and actively participates in local & international competitions. As local branch form Supersudaca is involved in several urban research projects; among them Al-Caribe (with Prins Claus Fonds – Actar), LA Collective (for Volume), RiaChulo: Riachuelo-Matanza basin potential & Trojan Dragon with Arthub Asia.
Max has thaught and given lectures at Buenos Aires, Rotterdam, Viena, Porto, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Tucumán, Montevideo, Lima, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Talca (Chile), Curaçao, San Juan (Puerto Rico), San José (Costa Rica), Toubab Dialaw (Senegal), Bangkok, Moscow, Sao Paulo, San Salvador (El Salvador), La Paz, Bruselas, Cartagena.

Sofia: casarchitects.org/
Max: pop-arq.com


09.15 | Kaffe med… Hanne

Hanne Ekkeren

1958, Norway

"During the last six years, I`ve been investigating and mapping the area of Bjørvika, Oslo. This has formed the basis for several of my art projects. They all comment on how urban development affects the spaces we inhabit and the way we use them.

Some projects are focusing on sites that seem to be invisible or left over. These places often have a significance and value to people at the fringes of society. It`s about the dialectic between place and people, and I try to provide a more comprehensive picture of the city with it`s diversity of interests and life forms." Hanne


09.17 | Kaffe med… Pfelder


1965, Germany

For many years Pfelder has specialized in artistic works incorporating public space. His main concern is to unite different artistic positions and to present them in a specific, urban, social and infrastructural situation. One of the most important aspects is to temporarily regain a specific urban environment as a stage, as a place for experiments and as a reflection of the creative, social and urban studies. Themes of public relevance are taken up, and the public itself is dealt with as a theme.


10.07 | Kaffe med… Alice & Santi

Santiago Cirugeda & Alice Attout


"Hello, we are Santi and Alice from the team Recetas Urbanas .
We will be sharing a coffee with you, as well as presenting and discussing diverse recipes: from lentils with Spanish chorizo to how to demand the use of an empty space of public property.
Our aim is that all the people count with more tools to “cook” the city understanding all 'ingredients' or involved agents, and incorporating the concept of the collective –much needed in urban life–, that constantly restates the legality of all urban actions."

Santiago (born 1971, Spain) develops subversive projects with distinct ambitions in urban realities, from the systematic occupation of public spaces in containers to the construction of prostheses in facades, patios, roofs and lots. Santi negotiates legal and illegal zones as a reminder of the pervasive control to which we are all subject. He is now working together with local governments to implement new housing models for the socially disadvantaged. After 7 years of solo work to address issues like ephemeral architecture, recycling, reuse of materials, strategies of occupation and urban intervention, the incorporation of prosthesis constructed buildings or participation citizens in the decision-making process, he set up in 2003 the architecture office Recetas Urbanas (Urban Recipes). In 2007, Santi presented the book Urban Situations, which shows legal strategies and social demands through architectural projects. In 2008 he presented the documentary Dr€am Spanish, along with Guillermo Cruz, which reveals the causes and effects of the housing bubble in Spain. In 2011, Collective Architectures BOOK portrayed mobilize the initiative consisting of dozens of groups to recycle containers from a temporary settlement dismantled, turning them into a multitude of self-constructed and self-managed spaces distributed throughout the Spanish territory resulting the network eponymous. He has also participated in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, written many articles, and taken part in educational and cultural events including workshops, lectures, seminars, and conferences. Projects creating temporary sites for community discussion and artistic intervention include HoW – House of Words, a temporal add-on structure for the Gothenburg International Biennale for Contemporary Arts (2015), La Carpa – Espacio Artístico (2011), Nau de les Art/Proyectalab, Benicasim (2010), The Nest, Bòlit Centre d’Art Contemporani, Girona (2008), Institutional Prosthesis, Espai d’art of Castelló (2005), and Kuvas SC (1997).
He was awarded by several prizes: Ojo Crítico, Iniciarte, Naider “Sociedad, Ciudad y Territorio” (2008) and the RIBA International Fellowship, the FAD medal, the Global Award for Sustanaible Architecture (2015), the Ones Mediterrània (2016) and the Curry Stone Design Prize (2017).

Alice is part of Recetas urbanas since 2008, and graduated as architect in La Cambre Bruselas.


11.08 | Kaffe med… Stephen & Ryan

Stephen Fen & Ryan Luke Johs

Both live and work in USA

Stephen Fan born in China, and lives in NYC, USA. Is founding director of S!Fan Designs, a research/design collaborative based in New York. He is a 2016 Fellow at the Institute for Public Architecture and has served as an adjunct assistant professor in the art history and architectural studies department at Connecticut College. He is the curator and editor of SubUrbanisms: Casino Urbanization, Chinatowns, and the Contested American Landscape (Lyman Allyn Art Museum Press, 2014) and has lectured at Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore, Columbia University, UCLA, among others. His work has been featured in Architectural Record, The Atlantic's City Lab, Metropolis, Next City, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Shinkenchiku, and the World Journal. He holds an A.B. in art history and visual and environmental studies, and a M.Arch both from Harvard.
He has worked as an architect in Japan and the US, and built projects on four continents. Before architecture, he updated travel guidebooks and crafted violins.
His Chinese immigrant parents run a Chinese restaurant. His father, Alan, trained as an accountant, serves as the head chef and his mother, Winnie, once an aspiring pattern maker, serves as the manager.

Ryan Luke Johns was born in Hong Kong, and spent his childhood summers working on a ranch in the American west. He built fences, barns, and alfalfa prisms. Easily distracted, he occupied much of his time playing in scrap piles and making useless contraptions. He received a B.A. in Architecture and Mathematics from Columbia University, and his M. Arch from Princeton University.

He has worked in sculpture and architecture studios, and co-founded his design/research practice GREYSHED in 2011. GREYSHED is focused on advanced workflows and robotics within the context of architecture, art and industrial design. While new technologies have the potential to distance designers and laborers from the material products of their work, GREYSHED strives to maintain contact between the hand and the material world by novel relationships between the machine, the maker and the made. GREYSHED projects have been published, presented and exhibited internationally.

Ryan also teaches in architecture schools, and spends much of his time working on an old factory in Poughkeepsie, New York where his studio is based. He probably won't get the heat working before winter (again). He likes running, and once ran 4000 kilometers from Amsterdam to Athens.

11.21 | Kaffe med… Paula & Gonzalo

Paula García Masedo & Gonzalo Pardo


- Paula: Hi! We are Paula and Gonzalo. We are architects and we are based in Madrid.
In 2014 we curated together an Exhibition Series for Madrid’s Architects Association. We named it "Paréntesis" as we were proposing a pause to have a transversal look into architecture.
- Gonzalo: What we wanted to do was to tell stories which were open to everyone and that could bring together architects and society. One of the exhibitions was relating directly to Oslo Architecture Triennale’s theme. “Who lives there?” is about people, about how all kinds of households live. Through it we stated that standards are only a matter of law, and that everyone, without knowing, ended building, day by day, their dream house in their own modest way.
- Paula: Gonzalo knows lots about domestic space. He is a PhD architect and his thesis was called “The body and the home”. He has some beautiful domestic projects, quite a lot international prizes and he is a teacher at Madrid’s School of Architecture.
- Gonzalo: Paula is a curator and a researcher. She writes, and works in-between contemporary art and architecture. This year she has curated an exhibition on DIY systems and didactics, and published a book covered up in gotele.
- Paula: We are looking forward to share a coffee and words with you.