«UTFORSKING AV NORGES FLAGG» is a series of explorations that seek to open a dialogue about the democratic duty of the main visual national symbol. Explorations include an urban intervention and other specific artworks, school workshops, exhibitions, exposition in media, a website, a digital platform where you can explore in the design of a flag and participate in the exhibition, a publication and a symposium about the implied topics.

The series started in Oslo in 2012 as a reaction to the atrocious attacks perpetrated by a radical nationalist against its own people, and thus it defines each move with extreme precaution and respect to all victims and the whole society. Any of these explorations from Kristiansand to Svalbard is a childish provocation, aggression nor a proposal for specific changes, but rather situations opening a debate about the implied topics.

The series will culminate in Bergen in the frame of the 200th anniversary of the current Norwegian flag, and the 10th anniversary of the aforementioned attack.