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antipodes café Series

Since 2013, antipodes café works with a homonym conglomerate of singular, temporary and site specific urban interventions which attempt to unveil as public space, specific moments of the encounter of the construction site and the already built city.

A series which also delves into the definition of a gratuitously driven contemporary café and the use of this meeting point as a domestic space and vice versa.

Interventions can be differentiated into two main groups: Venues and Situations.

Venues and situations are economically independent one from another, allowing diverse sources of diverse kind of support for their sustainable development.

Venues related to antipodes café Series, are usually built spaces that can be perceived as sculptural installations in themselves, camouflaged in a particular context with shapes such as construction site barracks, mobile huts, etc., but presenting subtle singularities which invites to intertwine with the intervention.
Opening hours, communication and their specific programme are defined by the characteristics of the surroundings.
Venues tend to last several weeks, months or even years on the same location, and in addition, they can be moved from one area to another, even to another city.

On the contrary, Situations related to antipodes café Series, are momentary ambiences of life; specific transient urban experiments organised with greater level of independence from the context and venues, lasting what a day—or few hours—as unprejudiced empirical comments to the city of the future.