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antipodes café Series

Since 2013, antipodes café (æ) recons specific moments in the encounter of the city and its construction sites (*), conceiving an eponymous series of singular, context-specific temporary comments presented as interventions, which can be differentiated into two main groups, each totally independent of the other but both exploring the café through its antipodes.

Venues related to the æSeries are usually built spaces that can be perceived as sculptural installations, camouflaged in a particular time and space with shapes proper to construction sites but presenting subtle singularities. Opening hours, communication, and program are defined by the context. Venues can go unseen and tend to last several weeks, months, or even years in the same location. In addition, they can be moved from one encounter to another.

On the contrary, Situations are momentary ambiences of life; specific transient urban experiments devised with a greater level of independence from the context and venues, lasting
a period between dreams or just a few hours, as unprejudiced empirical presents to the city of the future. Materializing freedom means beginning by appropriating a few patches of the surface of a domesticated planet.▪