antipodes café DEG15

Workshop: “Dispose” by Basurama

Closing the first exhibition at antipodes café DEG15, Basurama directed a two days open workshop for creating deckchairs with wasted materials then used for temporary exploration of the surroundings.

Materials, including screws, wood, printed plastic fabrics, paint and paint tools, were basically both from antipodes cafés project “#RESHOW” (consisting in recollection of materials from exhibitions while demounting, storage and reuse in new cultural projects, being exhibitions, urban interventions, presentations, etc.) and from advertising campaigns of new stores and buildings in the neighbourhood.


Artist collective dedicated to research, cultural and environmental creation and production, whose practice revolves around the reflection of trash, waste and reuse in all its formats and possible meanings.
With HQ in Madrid since 2001 and currently with representative offices in Bilbao and Milan, Basurama has created more than a hundred multi-coloured projects around the globe. Besides the visual arts in all its formats Basuramas career compiles several publications and the active participation in a myriad of diverse activities including talks, symposiums and workshops.


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