antipodes café DEG15

Exhibition: “Dispose” by Basurama

It is gratis to pay attention to ones belongings; to the way we prepare and arrange them and to what we do cast away.
DISPOSE is a word that allows all these readings which perfectly resumes Basuramas solo exhibition at antipodes café DEG 15.

The show began after an open-door montage participated by the founding member of Basurama, Alberto Nanclares da Veiga who also participated before in the gathering “Kaffe med… Alberto” and closed with a finissage on June 3rd after an open workshop & urban intervention.
The exhibition counted with a gratis catalogue, and during the last week the storefront window show space “Utstillingsvindu” was filled with printed papers from the artwork “Untitled” extending this installation from the inside to the outside.


“The day the end of labour becomes reality in Europe might soon be here. In many places around the world employment is not enough to make a living, and elsewhere, financial economy and real estate, seasoned with a pinch of collaborative economy, are so profitable that it makes working not worthy at all. Hand in hand with that phenomenon, consumption has become the major force designing our time, leisure, ways of living, identity and cities. A never-ending cycle of economical growth, running on purchase, consumption and disposal, leading to an ever growing waste production and destruction of natural resources. In the other hand, ecology and sustainability seem to be an unavoidable tag for any project, and is indeed an important issue for the life of some million people who have decided to go further and live a green life. Forty years on, ecology has made it far, but… where can it go now?

If we take the reduction of waste, the end of consumption and the lack of jobs seriously, we might end up with a perfect eco-pose, cynically concluding that our future relies on speculation and “ghost” economies, importing waste to burn it down; or we might use this time as a perfect chance for a real turnaround.” 

Basurama, Madrid 2016.



Untitled 2016 Installation Receipt machine printing all tweets with hashtags: #mortgage, #boliglån #hipoteca

Panorama: “Majestic” urban development 2009 Photography Printed in PVC (2,4 x 0,6 m)

Actions to test the response of landscape to proposals of low consumption leisure 2013 Videos 7” Tablet with headphones placed in ceiling over coffee area. (Open videos)

Public art works 2009-2015 Video 7” Tablet with headphones placed behind installation “A glass of yours”

The history of Benidorm 2015 Installation Postcards

Basurama is a circus 2016 Video 7” Tablet with headphones placed in ceiling over a small step-ladder. (Open video)

A glass of your own 2016 Installation Spanish plastic cups burned in Oslo
(installation in two parts, 1 in a pedestal and the other in a wall, with cups intervened with the left over vinyl from Basuramas short CV added in the entrance of the space. 

Basuramas bookshelf 2016 Publications Selection from Basuramas bookshelf

(Untitled – see: ) 2016 Installation Last week of the exhibition, the storefront window show space “Utstillingsvindu” was filled with printed papers from the artwork “Untitled”.


Artist collective dedicated to research, cultural and environmental creation and production, whose practice revolves around the reflection of trash, waste and reuse in all its formats and possible meanings.
With HQ in Madrid since 2001 and currently with representative offices in Bilbao and Milan, Basurama has created more than a hundred multi-coloured projects around the globe. Besides the visual arts in all its formats Basuramas career compiles several publications and the active participation in a myriad of diverse activities including talks, symposiums and workshops.