antipodes café DEG15

Planetary show

The last day of two weeks with diverse activities related to the Little Prince at antipodes café DEG15 ended with a one day exhibition/installation presenting all the planets created by both adults and kids during those previous days.

In addition from talking about this famous novel and anonymous illustrations of planets, we tried to open a talk about the idea of copyright laws and public domain with all visitors. Firstly mentioning that the third most popular novel in the world with more than 80 million copies in more than 250 languages has  Public Domain status currently in almost any country because its autor died in 1944, but not in France. There, they have an extension for copyright in cases of death related to the First and Second World Wars, and this wide spread novel will be in public domain not before 2033. Then we continued with planets.


Institut français de Norvège
Sørenga Barnehage