antipodes café DEG15

Exhibition: “Current trove”

In this short exhibition, antipodes café shared some memories of its participation in its last 3 editions of GARBIBAI in Donostia San Sebastian in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  As this project, the exhibition was evolving on daily basis until its end, by adding videos, fotos, treasures, posters, uniforms, an artwork, media coverage, and anecdotes accumulated in hearts, brains and livers.

As a symbolic gesture joining the two towns, we went paddling with visitors every day, and came back with treasures from the Oslo fiord to add in the exhibition window “Utstillingsvindu”. One of this treasures took part of the show 0n a pedestal. In addition, the finissage of this exhibition shared room with the one from the project “Og Stier Leder Oss” by the Danish artist Naja Lee Jensen related to the Akerselva river in Oslo.

The exhibition counted with a limited edition of a hand made catalogue.


“In 2012, GONDOLIN KLUB -the first SUP club in Europe- started GARBIBAI as the first world clean up river race in stand up paddle along the Urumea river in Donostia/San Sebastian (DSS), Basque Country.

Its name came from the fusion of three basque words: “garbi” (clean) “ibai” (river) and “bai” (yes).

A year later, antipodes café suggested to the organiser, to make a twist in this unique sport initiative by including strategical stages of “SHOWING” and “REUSING”. In addition, all collected objects should from then on be called “treasures”, and the project should include a participative and accumulative communication.

The resulting diversion of the existent river, included many subtile and notorious situations, as for example:
– an urban intervention using all collected treasures in front of the City Hall,
– a workshop at an art space with a subsequent exhibition in a commerce information centre,
– a competition on how to stick their posters with a special “GARBIBAI tape” that also could be use to dance cheek to cheek during a celebration after the race,
– the creation of a mascot (kktua) for kids workshops…
and many more details…
and this project evolved day by day, edition by edition in its inevitable progress of many people giving their best, until the river enter into its mouth, where its sweet waters encounter with those salty ones.

Core activities of GARBIBAI, since first edition, took part of a massive festival called OLATU TALKA. Celebrating that town as European Capital of Culture in 2016, year when the organisation resolve to stop GARBIBAI.

This was one of the nicest project we were involved. So how to finish this text? well, as Exhibition texts usually include quotes, we cant be less, and otherwise art critics won’t take it seriously: ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice’ or as we prefer, in albertocastillan: ‘siga el baile siga el baile’.”

antipodes café, Oslo 2016.



Treasures show 2015 Installation Video about the urban intervention by antipodes café (Camera and edition: Aitor Iturralde). Reserved chair similar to those used in the activity with an original goody bag including a tagged treasure. Later a local newspaper with the coverage of the urban intervention was hanged in the low back of the chair.

Posters & Tape 2012-2015 “Mural” Original posters (2012-2015) and tape (2013), designed by antipodes café. 

Nikis 2014-2015 Installation Original t-shirts, designed by antipodes café, hanged from ceiling.

Hand picked Treasure 2014 Treasure Collected in the race 2014. Tag made by antipodes café reusing postcards from 2013 (2015).

Postcards 2013 6 Framed postcards designed by antipodes café (Photographies of treasures by Marcelo Díaz, edited by antipodes café).

Foto foto foto 2013-2015 Photographies 3 Tablets with slideshows of images of last 3 editions of GARBIBAI (Pictures by Marcelo Díaz, Aitor Iturralde and antipodes café)

Merchandising 2013 Artwork Framed logotype of DSS2016EU. Made by Iñigo Aristegui during GARBIBAI workshop directed by antipodes café and Basurama at Arteleku in 2013, and exhibited the same year at Punto Denda in Donostia/San Sebastián.
The logotype is a reproduction of the existent one but made with treasures collected in the river arranged as a temporary sculpture by the autor photographed and edited for its reproduction in diverse merchandising materials, such as this artwork. A copy of it was gave as a present to the president of Uruguay in 2014, during his visit to the Basque Country.

Our treasure 2016 Ready made Unrecognised object found in the Oslo fjord presented as a treasure in a pedestal without any alteration (materials: pink foam, rusted wire, ‘hello Kitty’ image inside a tiny plastic bag with some water in it too.)

Printed materials and News are old 2013-2015 Various Newspapers and Pins, flyers, reports and diverse materials designed by antipodes café for GARBIBAI. 

Untitled  2013 Illustrations Series of illustrations by antipodes café used in diverse presentations and a drafts of the design of a mascot made for Kids workshop.
Our treasures 2016 Installation Unrecognised objects found in the Oslo fjord presented as treasures in the store front window “Utstillingsvindu”


Gondolin Klub (and all its members)
– Marcelo Diaz Rodriguez
– Aitor Iturralde
– Iñigo Aristegui Tello
and to all people involved in one way or another for making possible the participation of antipodes café in Garbibai:
including Gobierno Vasco, Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian, Donostia Kultura, DSS2016EU, Olatutalka, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Punto Denda Fomento San Sebastián, Arteleku, Ecovidrio, ura, Mancomunidad de Sanmarko, Via Fora and way many more institutions, organisations and our beloved basque people … Eskerrikasko Euskal Herria!