antipodes café DEG15

Closing ceremony

For the last day open of the urban intervention antipodes café DEG15, we arranged a one day exhibition featuring a sketch in white plaster for a sculpture made by Gustav Vigeland in app. 1936, presenting two giant persons standing on oposite sides of a globe. Behind the pedestal with this artwork, was an interactive projection over an aphorism by Guy Debord written straight in the wall: “Dans le monde réellement renversé, le vrai est un moment du faux.” (From the film ‘La Société du Spectacle’, 1973)

In addition to this installation, speeches by representatives of the two main supporters of the project: the Director of the Cultural Department of the Commune of Oslo, Hilde Barstad, and by the CEO of the company Oslo S Utvikling, Rolf Thorsen.


Oslo S Utvikling

Borowiak Photography