«UTFORSKING AV NORGES FLAGG» (Exploring Norway’s Flag) is a series of explorations aimed at initiating a dialogue about the democratic significance of the primary visual national symbol. This is accomplished through various means, including urban interventions, specific artworks, school workshops, exhibitions, media exposure, a website, a digital platform for flag design exploration and exhibition participation, a publication, and a symposium addressing the underlying themes.

The project was initiated in Oslo in 2012 as a response to the heinous attacks committed by a radical nationalist against fellow citizens the previous year. Consequently, every aspect of the project is carried out with utmost caution and respect for all victims and society as a whole.

None of these explorations, spanning from Kristiansand to Svalbard, are intended as childish provocations, acts of aggression, or proposals for specific changes. Instead, they serve as opportunities to engage in a thoughtful and profound debate about the topics at hand.

The series concluded in 2021, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of the current Norwegian flag and the 10th anniversary of the aforementioned attacks.