Explorations in the Norwegian flag

2 Workshops: Ullevålsveien skole

Perhaps one of the most enriching workshops we ever made related to this project, each kid is a world, we love that, but many here are stars.

“Norway is a circus… therefore, I am the king” claimed while making his flag with a big tent in its center.

An important part of the project is the workshops for 6th graders based in the country’s flag, and how this can be explored through the design in relation to openness, composition, visibility, tolerance and identity.

The workshop is based on several tasks. Explorations in ideas about the country and people’s identity and translating them to colours after a democratic selection process. But also individual tasks related to identity and colors. During the process, each participant can finish with a concrete proposal for their own flag made with a collage after exploring with sketches. This could be a new or one of the several official flags currently in use in the Kingdom.  The proposed flags were photographed while the participants talk about concepts behind. 

The first workshops for kids where arranged during spring 2014 in Oslo and continued in the fall after receiving a support by the Norwegian Art Council for visiting 8 other cities in the whole country. Second stage was in 2016 as part of a cultural program for schools called: “Den kulturelle skolesekken” by Oslo Commune.


Download PDF (2017) -5Mb-(In Norwegian)



Ullevålsveien skole