kr100 (ink. MVA)

  • Metallic pin-buttons
  • paper digitally printed
  • plasticized 🙁
  • just one of each!
  • Edition of 20
  • Oslo, 2020


While doing reuse workshops at the exhibition klima2+ at the Norsk Teknisk Museum, they were doing a pin-buttons workshop. So we took our test print from the publication “æHouse Vol VI: æBod-reshow“, and we did a very special edition of 20 buttons.

Very expensive garbage, isn’t it?… Think that your support will help us to continue drinking sustainable natural wine and sharing comments as reshow, and come on! you will get a copy of the first edition of the aforementioned publication (which cost 69kr, so yes, very expensive garbage).

Additional information

Weight 0,017 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0,6 cm

not signed


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