antipodes café series

æCornerstone: æStue

During 2017 we unveiled the æCornerstone related to æStue, featuring the official address Rostockgata 99. It was the same one as we used in relation to æInformasjonssenter and æDEG15 in 2015 and 2016 but with a sign in its top presenting the name of the room: “STUE” (“living room”).

Weather conditions transformed the open ceremony into a very intimate one.

On the second anniversary of this æCornerstone a new ceremony is planned, but this time celebrating the extension of its existence in the plot –and thus of æStue– until December 2019.

Later on, this æCornerstone will be moved to a next location, with its new address engraved in a third side of the square based pyramid



Oslo S Utvikling
Vedal AS
AF Bjørvika