antipodes café series

æCornerstone: DEG15

On September 11th –in the frame of Oslo Kulturnatt 2015– we unveiled the Cornerstone related to æInformasjonssenter and to antipodes café DEG15 .

The cornerstone features an engraved logo of  “antipodes café” as well as the location and year.
From this precast concrete square pyramid stands a 2m galvanised steel tube ended with a double side reflective white and black sign presenting  the address in a short way: DEG15 (Dronning Eufemias gate 15)

This was the first odd number officially assigned in use of the new main avenue of Oslo.

During the Cornerstone ceremony, we opened “æInformasjonssenter“. A temporary office where we shared information about antipodes café and the project æDEG15 in diverse specific meetings previous to its construction in February 2016. In those days the office was removed but the cornerstone remained firm until the demounting of the project in December 2016. It was stored in a construction site until May 2017, when it was engraved with the new address and placed right next to æStue (Rostockgata 99).


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