Explorations in the Norwegian flag

2 workshops: Eidsvoll verk skole

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  • Location / Region Norway
  • Date from 2021.02.08
  • Date to 2021.02.09

The workshops for 6th graders were a very important part of the series of explorations on the Norwegian flag. In Eidsvoll we developed one per class at Eidsvoll verk skole with the participation of ca 40 kids. Each day included diverse tasks, starting with a brief introduction to visual identity and national symbols across the history of the Norwegian flag, followed by definitions of attributes of identity for Norway and respective colors, both selected after a democratic process. Later on, we continued with individual tasks until arriving to a proposal for an own flag made with a collage after sketches . Thus, we explored on own identity, colors and symbols. The resulting flag could have been original ones, or one of the several official flags currently in use in the Kingdom. There were no restriction, nor suggestions. Each participant was also free to not do any flag at all.

The proposed flags were photographed while the participants talked about concepts behind each visual gesture.


• Eidsvoll verk skole, Eidsvoll