kr1.500 (ink. MVA)

  • Background is a maculatura from “Hôpitaux de France” as one can read, collected from a supermarket entrance in Oslo. (Who knows?!)
  • Big letters (CINEMATE) were made with pages of a fashion catalogue and small ones Ttirsdager kl 19) with already printed stickers.
  • Pink circles are also stickers.
  • As the french institute supported cinemate with licenses we included their name with Letraset from 60s.
  • Actual colors and conditions of paper may vary.
  • Frame and shipment costs are not included.
  • Paper ca. 85 gr/m2
  • 1 Original.
  • Oslo, 2017.11


Collage made for æStue entrance. In use just on Tuesdays for CINEMATE. (7pm unannounced French movies, plus tea and mate. Yes, we saw more than hundred great films)

This original was featured in the exhibition “PINTXO POSTER” (April 2019, Lantoki, Tabakalera, Donostia, Basque Country)


Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

not signed