• Original illustration.
  • 1/1
  • Black ink on white paper.


All our illustrations for Morsmålsdagen (arranged in Norway by Det flerspråklige bibliotek –Nasjonalbiblioteket–) were made with a pencil and brushed up with a soft calligraphy pen. Some of them were made directly with the black ink on the old illustration paper we used for mostly all drawings. (very few were made on white paper for desktop printers. Check size, if A3 size its the old paper, and if it is A4 size then, the drawing was made on copy printer paper)

There were no sketches whatsoever, and no more than just one drawing per idea (!). If the idea was not interesting or disapproved by us or DFB, then the drawing was replaced for a new one following the same procedure.
If some ink mistakes, the plan was to fix them on the computer. But just if the drawing needed small changes or fixes. Luckily, very few were discarded or modified on computer. You can compare originals with printed copies.

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