A fugacious show about our use of photography for communicating diverse initiatives, particularly in poster-design.

To lay our cards on the table, it’s such an intrinsic part that it’s often overlooked.

Some of these posters bring back happy memories, while others make one laugh, and perhaps better, forget…

None were ever considered an end in itself, and are printed ephemera now, but when facing our posters simultaneously and with the overlooked point at issue, one will find in hindsight what wasn’t seen.


Läntoki -photography initiatives-
Gondolin Klub
Grafill (Norwegian Organisation for visual communication)


Deichman Hovedbiblioteket Folkeverkstedet, Niko, Marcelo, Oscar, Olibia, Ainara, Peyo, Bruno, Aitor, Katia, Sarah, Hirikilabs, KKTUA and Gilda.


This exhibition reused materials:

  • OSB panels from the former signal system of Tabakalera
  • kraft paper from an exhibition held at DOGA
  • a sign from OAT’16
  • several brown and yellow t-shirts, from uniforms of the project æDEG15.