Pingpongo Norge


The 3rd “Ping Pong with obstacles” tournament of 2014 was played at Fotballfesten in Kontraskjæret, Oslo.
32 players were registered before but some rain drops at the beginning were strong obstacles for 3 of them.
The tournament gave 290 points then to the champion for all official rankings and then a fair division of points to the rest of players. The winner also got a brand new Smartphone courtesy of the venue.

For the first time in the history of Pingpongo in Norway 3 tables were used for a tournament at the same time, and the comedian Janne Rønningen was interacting with participants and visitors.

The tournament followed the same fixture as the World Cup in Football. First a Group fase and then a Draw of 16.

Each player represented a country of the Football World Cup (VMiF) during the whole tournament dressing a hand made jersey and at least 3 obstacles related to their new nationality. All matches were played until 11 points, and semifinals were played with a cushion football ball in between knees as an extra obstacle. The great final was played at the best of 3 sets of 15 points each.

The champion was again (and again and again) Alex Asensi, who was representing NIGERIA. He also had time to take great photos we are sharing in this page, that’s why he is not in there.

The tournament was promoted in the city with posters and one poster installation in the corner of Youngstorget, since we made a deal with the owners of that corner for being able to use it to promote Pingpongo there 🙂


Participants 29
Champion Alex Asensi (ES)
Runner Up Felipe Ridao (UY)


Alex Asensi (ES) and antipodes café



Janne Rønningen