Pingpongo Norge


The first ever ever exhibition of PINGPONGO was arranged in Uruguay by antipodes café and mounted with AOPPO in a memorable encounter. Show counted with memories from diverse tournaments including obstacles, trophies, medals, uniforms, images, videos, and so on.

The show counted with a table also where visitors could practice Pingpongo, it was made reusing some materials from a previous Madí show at the cultural centre. You know, art!

EXHIBITION Pingpongo – Memoria Futura

Project presented: Pingpongo
Artistic director CCE-MVD: Patricia Bentancour



AOPPO -Pingpongo Uruguay-
AAPPO -Pingpongo Argentina-
Aitor Iturralde -Gondolin Klub, DSS Basque Country-
Sara Galvao -World Alternative Games, Wales, UK-
Kulturhuset i Oslo, Norway
Karlsberger Pub, Svalbard, Norway
Cerveza Jennifer, Uruguay