Pingpongo Norge


The third tournament of 2013 and the second in Kulturhuset was on October, so obstacles where in relation with October Revolution (yes, Октябрьская революция). Red everywhere, flags, books, clothes, light, lentils. Vodka shots and Lenin masks. Projections on the table and walls and more obstacles like old radio, a dinosaur, a rubik cube and so on. In addition several mental obstacles, including saying a compliment while hitting the ball. Champion was the Valencian Alex Asensi, beginning his reign in Pingpongo Norge.

This tournament was perhaps the only one without a poster.



Participants 19
Champion Alex Asensi (ES_VC)
Runner up Tone Aksnes Lian (NOR)


Alex Asensi
Ylenia Arqa
Synove Flobak
antipodes café