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Do Galleri

Non profitable artist run spaces located in toilets of coffeehouses where gentrification processes laid waste to independent art spaces. An initiative that does not follow the rush of growth, so it may continue in its tempo. Feel free to do it yourself too.
Promotion is mostly done with postcards and stickers in other toilets.

DO GALLERI presents solo exhibitions by artists invited to create works based on instructions from another artist, selected from diverse sources, including the open exhibition model “Do it” by the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, as in the first pilot experience.

The first DO GALLERI was located at KASCHK, Berlin (2015, yes, 9th April to 17th May…)

Following the instructions “DO IT AGAIN”by Rosemarie Trockel, the local artist Pfelder presented “dorf“, opening a dialogue with his homonym artwork, –made in the same neighborhood few years ago–, as well as with visitors, now sweetly invited to face this local word.

“(…) und Berlins Mitte ist zum globalisierten Dorf mutiert. Die vorherrschenden Sprachen auf der Straße sind keineswegs mehr Deutsch, die Verweildauer der dortigen Passanten in der Stadt ist kurz und die Nächte sind es auch. Der Berliner wundert sich. (…)”



Königlich Norwegische Botschaft
and to all those behind “Do it“.