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Eploring domesticity without engaging with one’s own living space can be both challenging and inadvisable, a core theme in the æSeries. Its first venue was an intimate private room gallery, sharing personal collections and later hosting site-specific shows
by international guests. Openings where promoted in a Facebook page, and then open by appointment only.

Shows developed by beloved guests were part of a series called “Instrucciones” perhaps remembering the Instructions of the Year XIII (1813) which supported ideas such as decentralization, republic, full civic and religious freedom, among others.
Guests were from overseas, Alberto Nanclares from Basurama Madrid, Mya Ferrando and Marcelo Vidal from Uruguay and Antonella Arismendi from Argentina. They sent their instructions, files and materials via email or post, and were developed in that room.  Luckily Alberto was in Oslo for a lecture, so he took part in the opening of the show and the implied activity.


Alberto Nanclares
Mya Ferrando
Marcelo Vidal
Antonella Arismendi
Ebba Moi

2013.02.23 by antipodes café


by antipodes café

Exhibition of past artworks related to brands together with a selection of photographies from the series Panoramic views.

  • Usted Marca (2010)
    digital platform and drawings made by kids
  • Panoramic views (2012)
    Series of photos (view more)


2013.03.18 by antipodes café


by antipodes café

Exhibition about communication, miss and miscommunication.

Artworks presented:

  • Mange boler i lufte (2013)
    Installation with hanged CVs.
  • åja… (2013)
    Installation with 2 pedestals, 1 potato, 1 tin can and sisal twine. (view more)
  • 8 (2013)
    Collage from the series "Jantelovers"
  • Lost in translation
    Quotes from "learning Norwegian" book hand written over magazine pages.


2013.04.03 by Alberto Nanclares da Veiga (Basurama)


by Alberto Nanclares da Veiga (Basurama, Spain)

The first exhibition in our series "Instrucciones 2013" presented a conceptual installation/performance by Basurama related to the melting of the North pole and relationships that facilitate that. With a right quota of sarcasm "Ice breaker" consisted in two pedestals, one with a bottle of Russian Vodka, the other with one of Norwegian Aquavit. Between them half sphere of ice on a plastic container with an icebreaker tool.

In the back wall, a chalk drawing of the north pole. Visitors got an empty glass when they entered, and in the side wall, a line of instant pictures of each, in the moment of breaking the ice to add it to their preferred drink.

Alberto Nanclares da Veiga (BASURAMA, Spain)

2013.05.16 by Antonella Arismendi & Marcelo Vidal


by Antonella Arismendi (Argentina) & Marcelo Vidal -chindogu- (Uruguay)

The second exhibition in our series "Instrucciones 2013" presented the first artistic collaborative project of the South American artists Antonella Arismendi (ARG) and Marcelo Vidal (URU)

"The audiovisual recording at the Teufelsberg's domes was the starting point to evoke the sensitive experience that Arismendi´s footage documented. The overwhelming view and acoustics at the dome minimises the human presence. You want to jump, but you don´t dare. You are just a tiny vibrating particle."
(Arismendi & Vidal)

2013.06.29 by Mya Ferrando

 Stud book

by Mya Ferrando (Uruguay)

The third exhibition in our series "Instrucciones 2013" presented an extensive collection of daily drawings by Mya Ferrando.

In this show we are referring to all those young persons that worldwide are sharing their feelings throughout illustrations and diaries, and also those who are daily drawing these animals. But with Mya´s pages, we are also presenting a mature exploration inside that -a priori- cliché bubble.

Facebook event


Illustrator and textile designer, born in 1985 in Uruguay.

Mya grew up in the countryside and near the sea, but far away from many other things. Her home was 2.5 km away from the nearest village, where she attend school traveling on a mare called "Paca", that was also her best friend and inseparable companion.

At the age 21, she moved to Montevideo, and since then, drawing has been a cathartic way of expressing herself. Mostly about daily issues, love and close relationships, but with a strong relation to her past in the continuous presence of horses. Using graphite and ink and small sketchbooks she can make her drawings in almost every place: a crowded bar, a bus, a waiting room, a bed, etc. She produce compulsively and periodically as if she would be writing a diary, but leaving behind each day a naïf raw story.