Una muestra sobre nada

With “Montañas gráficas (Eng. “Graphic Mountains”) antipodes café manipulate souvenir postcards, pictures which are massively reproduced, or used to advertise geographical places by the tourism industry.
This postcards show idyllic mountain landscapes, but with fictional topography, developed by joining unemployment rate charts and photographies of the sky of specific countries.

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chart – Spain: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas, Spain
chart – Uruguay: INE Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas, Uruguay
photo sky – Uruguay: SEPREDI Secretaría de Presidencia, Uruguay

GROUP EXHIBITION Una muestra sobre nada

Artwork presented: Montañas gráficas
(TN: “montañas” means mountains and gráficas” can mean charts, graphs, something represented by a drawing and also something explicit.)
Curator: Magdalena Fernández