antipodes café series


Continuing the exploration in the encounter between the accessible city and the one under construction –with its aftermaths and possibilities–, immediately after closing “æDEG15” we opened a temporary souvenir store with fresh memorabilia from it. Installation was right across the street, in a brand new office building with empty rooms in its ground floor.

These future retail stores, remark the thickness of the explored encounter, and turns the accessible belt of buildings called Barcode as part of a border which is not just a thin abstract line drawn with fences but a thick and constant detouring situation.

All those workers, neighbors and visitors who did not cross the street towards the intervention, now could get a group of remainders of what was all that about. A fast nostalgia proper of social networks times, highlighting the life on a temporary -fluorescent but yet invisible- vulnerable space.

A receptionist, with barely enough information about the whole project welcomed visitors and presented the exhibition. A set of diverse objects far from their original function and context, treated now as souvenirs, like those debris from a demolished wall, or clumps of grass from a football stadium.

In addition to those souvenirs, here we launched  æDEG15 – special edition, and æDEG15 – postcards.  Items (perhaps) available out at  antipodes café & souvenirs page.