Morsmålsdagen 2018

  • Listing categories Workshops / Situations
  • Location / Region Norway/ Oslo
  • Venue antipodes café Stue
  • Date 2018.02.20
  • Time 10:00 AM
  • Time from 10:00 AM
  • Time to 10:00 PM

Celebrating the international mother language day (Morsmålsdagen) we arranged two workshops with kids from AKS Gamlebyen and Vahl at our living room “antipodes café Stue“. There were exhibited all the original drawings we made for the Multilingual Library (DFB)—currently part of the National Library—for promoting Morsmålsdagen all across Norway in materials such as pins, postcards, posters, etc also available for all visitors and participants of workshops.

In addition to the bookmarks and diverse origami figures made by reusing printed paper from old magazines and city maps, the film “The little prince” was screened, and that book was available in more than 30 languages, including all versions from the National Library and all those from antipodes cafés collection (which includes copies from each place visited by its members). “Le Petit Prince” is the world’s most translated book, excluding religious ones.

12 hours of pure fun, closed in a nice talk with a lovely couple from Germany who arrived thanks to the promotion of this celebration day in the portal Visit Oslo. Later on, in our postbox was an envelop with a short letter and a german copy of The little prince, since we forgot to get it while in Berlin for the project “Do Gallery“.