Explorations in the Norwegian flag

Artwork: Skape / Se

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“Skape” (Eng. Create) is an online platform to digitally explore in the current Norwegian flag, as well as to create new individual flags. Resulting drawings can be saved and will randomly appear on a web page called “Se” (Eng. View) which is available at exhibitions of the project “Utforsking av norges flagg” (Eng. Explorations in the Norwegian flag).

All shared flags made at the installation, or online (from anywhere), are shown during the exhibition without any censorship.
The platform allows signed or anonymous participation, and all images are created under copyleft.

Skape is used at the end of the workshops related to the project.

The installation including  “Skape” and “Se” was presented in the exhibitions:


v 2.0 – 2015.08
v 1.0 – 2014.03


Francisco Magnone (pancho.uy)


antipodes café
Alex Asensi