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“Endre” (Eng. Alter) is a digital platform to explore in the current Norwegian flag by altering its composition.
For exhibitions related to the project “Utforsking av Norges flagg” (Eng. Explorations in the Norwegian flag) this platform is presented as an installation consisting of a trackpad in a pedestal or specific place in a room, and a retro-projection on a white silk fabric or white thin paper hanged vertical or horizontal with a wooden stick in one side. The installation can vary according to the room to be exhibited.

The installation including the digital platform “Endre” was presented in the exhibitions:


v 2.4 – 2021.03 – JS fixes (html offline)
v 2.3 – 2020.03 – JS fixes (responsive)
v 2.2 – 2017.05 – JS cleanup for new website
v 2.1 – 2015.08 – working also on iPhone, iPad
v 2.0 – 2015.07 – Javascript (JS) – offline/online
v 1.5 – 2014.04 – Flash file – offline/online
v 1.0 – 2012.02 – Flash file – offline


v.1.0 > 2.2 Francisco Magnone (pancho.uy)
v.2.3 > 2.4 Felix, fnordserver (fnordserver)


antipodes café
Alex Asensi

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ENDRE v 2.2