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RESHOW Display / OAT’19

  • Listing categories Exhibition / Reshow
  • Location / Region Norway/ Oslo
  • Venue Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019
  • Date from 2019.09.26
  • Date to 2019.11.24

Site specific installation of displays on entrances and souvenir shops of exhibition spaces featuring the digital inventory of the project RESHOW.
These displays allowed visitors of exhibition spaces to face materials that took part of previous exhibitions.
All materials presented in the digital inventory are free of charge for noncommercial cultural initiatives.

The first experience consisted in three installations placed at The National Museum of Architecture, the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture and the gallery R.O.M. during OAT 2019.

All of them where made by reusing materials from previous exhibitions (more info)

Byrådsavdeling for kultur, idrett og frivillighet 2019


  • Nasjonalmuseet
  • DOGA Design og arkitektur Norge
  • ROM for kunst og arkitektur