“mi casa, su casa”

  • Listing categories Lecture
  • Address Rostockgata 99, 0194
  • Location / Region Norway/ Oslo
  • Venue antipodes café Stue
  • Date 2018.08.30
  • Time 10:00 AM

antipodes café shared morning coffees and process behind æHouse and details about its modality of work to a small group of architecture students and teachers from Uruguay, as part of their study trip “Grupo de Viaje”.

“Grupo de Viaje ” is an annual study trip being developed since 1947. It is an optional course but it somehow a milestone in life and career of architecture students from the Public university of Uruguay. During ca. 8 month they visit diverse places, studios and people from many places in the world in a trip tutored by teachers who prepare a plan for each year, and before that, they have to sell tickets for an own lottery for four years, which imply diverse lotto-prices such as cars, travels and a house made after an architectural competition. This study trip is arranged and managed by a student organisation running inside the Faculty of Architecture Design and Urbanism of the Public University of Uruguay (FADU). Students participate in diverse assemblies for selecting the academic program, economic definitions and so on.

Of course this trip couldn’t be possible without a society behind that buy those special lottery tickets for the aim of supporting students to make a trip around world understanding it as medular in their formation… Incredible isn’t it?

Grupo de Viaje 2018

Foto and coordination: Pablo Canén (thanks!)