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antipodes café
Postboks 123,
0323, Oslo, Norway


• antipodes café has two domails for emails: "…” and "…"

• Our active e-mails are:

  • info@…
    (English please)
  • tuva@…
  • felipe@…

• We also have the domain "" for that particular comment, which count with the the email info (at)
But we are not using it.

• Any other domain, or email mentioning antipodes café in any way was not sent from us.


+47 92 223 274 (no/en)

Mon – Sun ca. 9 AM to 9 PM (CEST)

SMS ? Signal
CHAT? Telegram


We hope you are also out of the advertisement game. In there we have some accounts but just to invite to move out.

Feel free to relate to us on the fediverse: Mastodon, Pixelfed and Peertube.



antipodes café
NO 914484855

• Ideelle organisasjon
• Varemerkereg. 285203
Forlagsnr: 978-82-692191, 978-82-692197

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