«Moneda de cambio»

A wall is decorated with 4.000 cocoa beans from Mexico.
A tumulus is formed with 2 sacks of cocoa beans from Africa. (*)

Overall dimensions vary with installation.
From the series «illegal tender».

(*) [ca.230€ ICCO price, 2010.03].
– Visitors are allowed take those seeds.
– Alternative version demands to hang the 2 sacks.


«antipodes café visita Obrador»
Obrador, Montevideo, Uruguay
2023.01.29 > 03.20

«Festival de Narrativas CUÉNTALO»
Logroño City Hall. La Rioja, Spain.
2022.11.07 > 20

– Basurama.
– Festival de Narrativas CUÉNTALO, Logroño.
– Syed I. Quader (+Martin, +Hans… takk!), Oslo.
– Obrador, Montevideo.
– antipodes café
– Carlos Glera (Cuéntalo)

Made with all due respect to all victims of slavery across history.