“el yuyo y el juego”

  • Listing categories Lecture / Workshops
  • Location / Region Madrid
  • Venue Talk: Birdlife Workshop: Empty plots and neighbourhood.
  • Date 2019.04.03

Two days workshop with focus on unwanted plants (“yuyos”) both as they are and as metaphor.

Activity was firstly addressed to architecture students of Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, in the frame of their course “informal public spaces”, but as it was open, we counted with participation of people with different backgrounds.

Day 1.

  • Talk/Presentation at the ornithology centre of Madrid “Birdlife” –thanks!–.
  • Analysis of unwanted plants at the bar “El águila” (The Eagle)
  • Unwanted plants manifest. Written over a street poster that was right outside venue where we did the presentation/talk. Poster featuring Stalin, Lenin, Engels and Marx. This coincidence did not affected the manifest itself, and just added a right quota of humour.
    The manifesto was later presented in the radio show: “efecto dopler” (Episode: “Miradas Tintinófilas” -in Spanish- November 2021)

Day 2.

  • individual development of an approach to informal public spaces:
    personal game (what)
    Unwanted plants manifest (modality)
    neighbourhood of Diego, Madrid and its empty plots (context)
  • presentation of ideas at a sunny corner, with presence of neighbours.
  • selection of one game, and play by all remaining participants.
  • after workshop at dance floor. –”if we can’t dance to it, it’s not our revolution”

Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

Grafill (Norwegian organization for visual communication)



Alberto Nanclares

Neighbours from Barrio de Diego, Madrid


… and of course to all unwanted plants and participants.