Local cola

Local cola is a collection of all the bottles of the soft drink “cola” –smaller than half litter– that emulates the world-renowned one and possible to buy in ordinary shops at an specific location, being locally produced or imported. It can be presented in diverse ways according to the exhibition space.

“Products and brands produced in a marginal way to this huge multinational. This artwork, that goes along the edge of ethnography, is rife with sardonic humor -another characteristic of Ridao’s artworks- and explores how a product of mass consumption turns into the archetype of a soft drink. This leak not only to its condition of sign but it impose as a naturalised element of our culture.”

Manuel Neves Brasilia 2013(*)

(Neves is an art curator and critic (AICA) specialised in Latin American modern and contemporary art and formed in “Theory and praxis of language and of arts” at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, France (EHESS). Currently artistic director of Elefante Centro Cultural, Brasilia, Brazil.)