• Address TBD
  • Color
  • Location / Region Norway/ Oslo
  • Venue æHouse > æRom

The sleeping room of the æHouse, called “æRom”, is a venue to rest privately, but on very specific occasions, its doors can be open to all visitors for a waking up morning coffee. It will count with wheels for quick location -and relocation- and will continue explorations in the border of the construction site as a space for promotion, decoration and visual communication. Hence, it will be carefully designed for highlighting the research nature of the whole æSeries, and in addition, it will be surrounded by fences with banners including specific information about the whole æHouse and æSeries.

æRom will be located for very short term periods in relation to diverse construction sites around town. This places will be close or far from other rooms of æHouse, defining temporary exploration of the city as passageways.

[Due to coronavirus, æHouse is closed to the public, and its consummation will be anticipated to 2020.05.30. Thus, æRom will not be realized]