antipodes café DEG15

The little screen

During November and thanks to the collaboration of the French Institute in Oslo regarding licenses, we shared diverse French movies in our little screen, as a pilot experience for upcoming year(s). A program curated by antipodes café and Alejandro Torre (UY) that started with a revision of Jacques Tati movies, and then continued going throughout a wide range of topics and ways of making great movies in different times.

This experience finished with the projection of  the animation movie “The little prince–closing two weeks of activities related to that book– and it inspired the activity “Cinemate” at antipodes café Stue, where unannounced french films are shared on every Tuesday.

11.12 Playtime Jacques Tati 1967
11.13 Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot Jacques Tati 1953
11.14 Trafic Jacques Tati 1973
11.15 Mon Oncle Jacques Tati 1958
11.16 Jour de fête Jacques Tati 1949
11.21 Sans soleil Chris Marker 1983
11.22 La jetée Chris Marker 1962
11.24 Adieu au langage Jean-Luc Godard 2014
11.25 The society of the Spectacle Guy E. Debord 1973
11.26 Zero for conduct Jean Vigo 1933
11.27 The 400 blows François Truffaut 1959
11.28 The little prince Mark Osborne 2015


Alejandro Torre
French Institute in Oslo