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Daily updates on antipodes café House (2017 > 2020)

Video-calls: https://meet.jit.si/aehouse

æStue: Rostockgata 99
æStudio: Jordalgata 16
æBod: Åkevergveien 9
æKjøkken: Sofienberggata 12
æRom: (soon)

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æKjøkken 9:30-11am
æStudio 12-8pm
æStue 5-7pm
æStudio 1-6pm
æStue 7-10pm
æStue 9am-5pm
æStudio 1-8pm
æKjøkken 6-8pm
Springclean day. Wash your hands and catch us on the go.
æStue 11-4pm
... soon news. It seems we will have to close rooms or just use them ourselves for a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We will keep living at æHouse
but we won't open to the public,
until path is clear.

We will continue with online activities and add more. F.ex. on Fridays we cook following instructions from abroad via video-call, but now we will also include you, closest neighbours. If you want to be called, just let us know :-) or join calls at https://meet.jit.si/aek

We will publish on this channel the time of online calls on that link. Today: 8pm
live video calls now and then.
Now that closed, lets be close!

æStudio > æKjøkken

want to drop by? well… virtually at least: https://meet.jit.si/aehouse
æKjøkken > æStudio > æ Stue

drop by (online):
now that all rooms are closed to the public, we are doing manteinance for an amazing summer ahead. hopefully with all of you around.

now at studio until 6pm, then kitchen until 8pm… drop by online https://meet.jit.si/aehouse
This sunday from 3 pm (Oslo), join us to make some gnocchi and talk about traditions. (You will need some potatoes, some flour and 1 egg (optional) if you eat those, or if you don't, just contact us for alternatives…)
Same link as usual: https://meet.jit.si/aehouse
æHouse is temporary
closed to the public.

antipodes café følger anbefalinger fra Helsedirektoratet for kulturarenaer og holder alle rommene i æHouse stengt for offentligheten fram til 15. juni.
I mellomtiden vil vi selv være her spontant, uavhengig av det faste programmet.


Last move of æHouse right before its consummation. Today we placed æBod in Nydalen. Thanks avantor. Soon we will share some info of next steps.
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And yes, under the containers, dozens of nutt trees growing and this beauty. There's always room for more!
we are closing æHouse very soon and inviting 10 people for dinner during May, just one at a time. if you want to do so, please contact us for coordinating day and time.

Closing ceremony will be outside æKjøkken the 29th if no rain, as people can sit in the park respecting physical distance.

we are also coordinating guided tours between rooms and special private showings of each room for those interested in buying them. Yes, we are selling them.

#æStue its for sale just for nonprofit organizations for a symbolic price of 2020 + costs of moving and extra costs if you want some things that we have in there. Those interested please send asap your proposal so we can evaluate. We have already very nice ideas!

More info:

Farewell æHouse! Hoy Ñoquis after 3pm at sofienbergpark around æKjøkken 😘
Claps to all that took part yesterday... such a day 😘
Hey there, we are preparing some publication(s) on æHouse and its rooms.

Any text or picture of your visit, with comments or whatever info/history/reflection/etc you want to share with us for including are very welcome... please add the day implied and full name for mentioning in references, or say if it goes anonymously... content will have a CCBY-NC license, but if you are into copyright we can mention that for your contribuition ...

Please send to info@antipodes.cafe not telegram, etc.

You are also very welcome to contribuite economically for the printing 😜

Have a nice summer/winter 💛💛💛