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Support the first edition of “Utforsking av Norges flagg” , the last of our explorations from the homonym series. (2012-2021).

• Your support will help us to donate one copy to one school.
• Distribution will be mostly in libraries and schools across Norway.
• Selling price will be cheaper, and yes, the book has no commercial aims.

• Book your copy and expect some surprise 😉

[launch: summer 2021.]


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• Hardcover, fabric.

• more than 1000 pages. (CMYK+PMS 871)

• visual timeline featuring a new drawing per page, of a flag or proposal of flag from 1318 up to this year, merging with the 750 explorations on personal flags made in 45 workshops we arranged across the kingdom (2014-2021)

• text timeline with references for the creation of those drawings, intertwined with a wide selection of quotes from the written history of the flag in Norway, and specific information, such as a selection of artworks related to the flag in Norway and its dependencies.

• images and descriptions of all explorations developed by antipodes café in the frame of its series  “Utforsking av Norges flagg.”(2012-2021)

• and more!

(image is just a sketch, thickness may vary after print)


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